Let us tell you about our story.

From curiosity birthed a passion for ecologically conscious bamboo and other sustainably sourced woods. We love that this medium is used, as each pair of sunglasses or watch casing is unique, with the veins and colours exclusive to each. Our hope is that our pieces accompany you on your next adventure.

A Local Story

Vilo was founded by New Zealand husband and wife duo, Josh and Francesca. Our business is based in Whangarei in the winterless north of New Zealand. This setting feeds our delight in the outdoors and provides almost daily opportunity for adventure.

A Sustainable Story

We're passionate about sustainability. In a world full of plastic, we bring a sense of individuality through the unique and natural qualities of sustainably sourced wood. Each and every piece is truly as unique as you.

Our Mission

We passionately believe that we have a responsibility to use our resources to further those born without. For that reason we support Mercy Ship NZ with 10% of our profits going to help provide essential surgery for people living in poverty.

Mercy Ships NZ


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